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Customized interactive etraining experiences


Media Rich's rapid elearning development keeps costs low and delivers your training product quickly.



Media Rich delivers highly interactive training courses that effectively match objectives to outcomes.

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Corporate e-Learning Solutions

Meet MRS clients Media Rich Solutions provides high-quality training experiences by incorporating interactive elearning experiences that produce measurable results. MRS designs courses specifically for your organization's needs. Customized etraining is the best way to significantly enhance learning and retention.

Experienced, highly trained e-learning experts incorporate elearning design principles, educational best practices, SCORM compliant design, interactive media design, learning object and assessment design, and adult learning theory into an interactive learning experience. This incorporation ensures that your customized training exceeds your expectations.

Custom Design Services:

Media Rich Solutions offers custom e-learning development services.  Our in-depth experience, expert course designers, and systematic design process combine to produce high-quality, targeted course materials. Media Rich Solutions develops elearning courses that support your business objectives, increases productivity and improves customer satisfaction by designing learning experiences that exceed client expectations. Set up a free design consultation today.

  • Custom Courseware

  • Product Customization

  • Economical LMS/CMS

  • Training and Technical Support


Design Services and Products:

Media Rich Solutions designs elearning courses using rapid elearning development. REL saves time and money by approaching the design and production process differently than traditional methods. REL is e-learning that can be developed quickly and inexpensively. Companies benefit from REL in many ways: cost savings, rapid deployment of courses, increased employee production, and reduced overhead.

Training Samples and Demos:

Media Rich Solutions designs, develops, and markets etraining products and services for corporate, government, and elearning industries. These products are designed for the adult learner and support SCORM elearning. View samples here.

  • SCORM-compliance
  • Curriculum design
  • Performance tracking
  • Project management
  • Interactive games
  • Assessments
  • Study materials
  • Technical writing
  • Voice
  • Translations
  • Prototypes
  • Usability testing


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